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by VickyRoque is the name I have created for this online store. by VickyRoque is a series of collections of jewellery, costume jewellery, garments, accessories and handicrafts, most of which are handmade. There are pieces designed by VickyRoque and other colleagues in the jewelry area.


We have the firm purpose that united we are stronger and we have the synergy to achieve great results. Undertaking together we reach more people.



The beginning story: inspired by my daughter's muse and creativity, Creations by Vicky was initially born. In that way? My daughter wanted to make bracelets and the materials were bought for her, and she made many bracelets for her little friends and sold many others. One day she saw that someone was doing something with the caps of soda cans and she began to design bracelets with that material. Once, she became interested in other things and seeing so much material at home, I started designing. I made many mistakes and many attempts. Until I strengthened each area with classes, assistance and support from my angels on earth. They know who they are. I got a page on social networks under the name of Creations by Vicky (@prendasVicky). And every piece that I put someone may have. I made a brand, thank God.

You wanted to physically sell in a store or create an online store, but luckily you couldn't have enough inventory to achieve that goal. And then, online store created, domain purchased and no merchandise, no time to create so much. Knock Knock... one of my angels calls with the need to get out of inventory and I want to upload the little I have, finally getting this project started. Some jewelry designers are incredibly talented, but not for sales or networking, so here we come together to help them with their product while helping them formalize their business.

We hope that you feel identified with any of the pieces and if you are looking for something specific that you do not see, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.

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